About the Author

After earning his college degree, Carlos started his Law Enforcement career in 1984 as a Glendale Police Officer and received his foundational training through the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. Then in 1987, he joined the California Department of Justice/Bureau of Narcotic Enforcement (Ca DOJ) as a Special Agent. He was assigned to the southern California region conducting investigations into the major narcotics trafficker. He promoted through the Department, supervised numerous teams including a major crimes team, a violence suppression team and was a member of the Training Cadre for Ca. DOJ. He ultimately achieved the rank of  of Special Agent in Charge.

In this capacity, he was tasked with the oversight of a statewide Division of Ca.DOJ, where he received the 2005 Attorney General’s Award for Excellence in Management. Next he was assigned to the Los Angeles Regional Office where he managed specialized criminal investigative units as directed by the Ca. Attorney General. Upon his retirement, he was recognized by the California Senate with a resolution honoring him for his superior record of accomplishment of leadership and law enforcement service. Now as consultant and after retiring from CA. DOJ, Mr. Solano authored a book “The BS Behind the Badge and the courage to wear it with Honor”.  This book defends the law enforcement profession and gives a valuable insight into the world of policing, based on his in depth, real life experiences as a front line officer, investigator, supervisor and as a leader.