BS Cops Put Up With

  • An MD who really thinks that a weed growing from the ground is somehow medicinal.
  • Those who would kneel in support of a criminal that murders a law enforcement officer rather than stand up with courage to show these cops who are men and women, Black, Latino, Asian, and White, mothers and fathers, coaches and teachers who happen to have the guts to  wear a badge on uniform in trying to keep our communities safe.
  • Some in the public and political arena will protest in favor of Criminals who are in the act of committing a crime, pointing a weapon at a cop, running away from a cop when being lawfully asked to cooperate and engage in conversation as to why the Police were called on scene. How about protesting the senseless killing of honorable men and women of all races who answer the call of a domestic violence, or a robbery in progress, or stopping thieves in stolen cars carrying guns who put a decent society in danger.  A man about to retire at age 63 and a young mother who just returned from maternity leave were brave enough to respond to a citizen asking for help in controlling an out of control adult son. These two Palm Springs officers were murdered over the weekend of Oct 8th 2016, at the front door of a house,  answering that call from a total stranger.
  • Criticism is always part of the job. But when millionaires and elitists who never put themselves in harm’s way suddenly become “champions” for the oppressed is BS. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but not entitled to their own facts. Look at a recent Harvard Study conducted by a very prominent African American professor, Roland Fryer.  His study finds no indication of racial bias associated with Incidents in which Police officers fired their guns. Article in Washington Times July 11th, 2016.
  • “Militarizing” our Police.  If society wants their cops to show up at armed hostage sieges at schools, night clubs, sports venues and other community sites with only a ticket book, a taser and good manners, then we should not be using the  police.  We must back those who are there to protect us.  With reason and common sense along with a sound policy approved by the public they serve, any and all tools should be available to those who stand up and are willing to protect us.
  • Some feel the cops need more training. Well, so too should the public that use the services of the police. They are not robots nor should the public expect them to be mind readers. There is a legal standard in our country called ” The Reasonable standard”. Let’s talk about it and use it.